Situation Aware Safety Systems

Project start:
1 January 2016
Project end:
31 December 2018
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Björn Åstrand
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The goal with this project is to develop a safety system that better can handle the complexity in the environments where AGV systems operates. The approach is to use 3D perception along with methods for detect, track and identify objects in the environment, such as actions of moving objects can be foreseen and concerns can be made based on objects identities (humans and other trucks/AGVs).

Research and development are done in three different areas:

Adaptive Warning fields: How to automatically construct and represent a volume of interests for safe traverse of the driverless truck? What sensors to use and how to integrate information from different sources, e.g. other sensors and maps (multi-layer)?

Tracking, Prediction, Identification and Reasoning: How to improve the performance of a safety system of a driverless truck by leveraging the system awareness by incorporating new functionalities as identification and tracking of objects/agents?

Benchmarking: How to evaluate and benchmark the performance of a safety system solution on a driverless truck for object detection and protection?