Social touch for robots

Title Social touch for robots
Summary something with social robots
Keywords social robots, social touch, recognition, behavior generation, HRI
References You can read some papers by Breazeal and Dautenhahn about social robots.
Prerequisites Willing to write a conference paper
Author Prateek
Supervisor Martin Cooney
Level Master
Status Ongoing

-We will decide the exact question after discussing. One possibility is: Touch is a powerful communication modality whose code we are just recently beginning to crack--we want to know how robots can leverage social touch in interactions to help people to feel good. Another possibility is to do something about robots/AI in education or for healthcare. -Software -WPs will include gathering requirements then creating an architecture, a recognition module, and behavior generation module, and getting feedback on the design. -The project should lead to a paper. Demos/events (or for education, something which we can actually use with our students) would be nice.