Supervised/Unsupervised Electricity Customer Classification

Title Supervised/Unsupervised Electricity Customer Classification
Summary Consumer characterization framework based on knowledge discovery in smart meter data
Keywords classification, smart meter data, segmentation, deman response
References Schneider, Kevin P., et al. "Evaluation of conservation voltage reduction (CVR) on a national level." Pacific Northwest National Laboratory report (2010).
Prerequisites Cooperating Intelligent Systems and Learning Systems courses
Author Soniya Ghorbani
Supervisor Sławomir Nowaczyk, Anita Sant'Anna, Hassan Mashad Nemati
Level Master
Status Finished

The aim of the project is investigating different kind of supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms for electricity customers classification. Students will have access to hourly energy consumption data from different type of users. The result of customers classification should divide users into domestic, commercial, industry and etc. groups.