The CatFish project

Title The CatFish project
Summary The project within Innovation Lab called CatFish has the aim of collecting data from water bodies through a system of drones
TimeFrame Fall 2023
Supervisor To be decided (contact Slawomir Nowaczyk for more details)
Level Master
Status Open

Harvey and Alireza from Innovation Lab are working on a project called CatFish with the aim of collecting data from water bodies through a system of drones.

The project is funded by the school of business, Innovation and Sustainability with the aim of tackling environmental issues in the Nissan river. The project is also working on collaboration with “Saving Norra” research project in the Baltic sea. See the link below:

They would like to invite students from ITE to frame and write their thesis around this project. With this,
1. Students can experience a multi-disciplinary R&D environment
2. They can work on a meaningful innovation with the aim of saving the environment
3. They can actually build their ideas and learn by doing.


Students will have the opportunity to experience a multidisciplinary research and development environment in a real setup. The project is divided within six teams (2 people per team); each team writes an individual thesis according to their specialty or subject of interest. Teams must work cross functional to reach the ultimate goal of building CatFish 2.0. The prototype must be built and functioning by the first week of March 2021, so that it can be deployed in the Nissan River and in the Baltic sea.

Innovation-Lab makes sure of the synergy of the teams and provides the required support, equipment, and materials for the development of the project. Besides writing a thesis, at the end of the project, students will be certified by the innovation-lab for this research and development experience.

Additional information is available in this description

If you are interested in writing your thesis with CatFish project 2.0, please send an email to and Michael Alexander Georg Forschlé <> (CC:ing Slawomir) with the following information:

  • Name(s)
  • Program
  • Subject of interest (ie. Power & motors, data & sensors etc.)
  • Supervisor(s) name (if known already)