Zenseact Scalable Mapping

Title Zenseact Scalable Mapping
Summary Scalable mapping through crowd sourcing
TimeFrame Fall 2022
Supervisor TBD
Level Master
Status Open

This thesis aims to develop a scalable method to crowdsource certain elements of an HD map by collecting sensor data from a fleet of vehicles and fusing the information into a single coherent road model. The focus is to describe the geometry of lane markers, traffic signs, and natural driving profiles on a large scale, or at least from a handful of drives on the ring roads of Göteborg.

The topic is proposed by Zenseact. More details are available here:


About Zenseact: We develop the complete software stack for ADAS and AD, from sensing to actuation. Our focus is to build a single cutting-edge software platform in order to serve various levels of autonomy and offer unequaled scalability at the same time. We operate in Sweden and China.