A many-core virtual machine concept

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Title A many-core virtual machine concept
Summary Masters Thesis Project
Author Tomas Nordström, Süleyman Savaş
Supervisor Tomas Nordström, Süleyman Savaş
Level Master
Status Open

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Project description

An important aspect of heterogeneous many-core architectures is how to interface between the application development environment and the underlying parallel heterogeneous architecture. Such interfaces should be based on a description of the available (heterogeneous) compute, memory and communication resources the architecture provides and provide facilities for expressing operational requirements on the software applications. At hh.se we are developing an many-core virtual machine (MCVM) as an important intermediate representation that should support program portability as well as address dynamism in workload

This thesis project aims to investigate

  • How to should a “many-core virtual machine” concept look like in order to support portability and dynamism like “invasive computing”
  • What high-level concepts should be supported by the MCVM (communication, arithmetic functions like FFT?)
  • The possibility to develop an LLVM based compiler backend for the MCVM
  • The possibility to develop a JIT compiler from MCVM to two many-core architectures (Epiphany and Kalray)

Note that this could be a master thesis for two students which collaborate on the definition of the MCVM and then one student do the “frontend” compiler support (in LLVM?) and one student do the JIT compiler “backend”.


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