Harsh Beohar

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Harsh Beohar

Harsh Beohar, Postdoctoral Researcher, Ph.D.

Family Name: Beohar
Given Name: Harsh
Role: Postdoctoral Researcher
Title: Ph.D.
Email: harsh.beohar@hh.se
Cell Phone: 

Research Interests


  • H. Beohar and P. J. L. Cuijpers. Avoiding diamonds in desynchronisation. Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Formal Aspects of Component Software, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, 2012.
  • H. Beohar and P. J. L. Cuijpers: Desynchronizability of (Partial) Synchronous Closed Loop Systems. Sci. Ann. Comp. Sci. 21(1): 5-38 (2011).
  • D. Nadales Agut, B. van Beek, H. Beohar, P. J. L. Cuijpers, and J, Fonteijn: The Hierarchical Compositional Interchange Format. FMCO 2010: 316-335.
  • Harsh Beohar, D. E. Nadales Agut, D. A. van Beek, P. J. L. Cuijpers: Hierarchical states in the Compositional Interchange Format. SOS 2010: 42-56.
  • Harsh Beohar, Pieter J. L. Cuijpers: A theory of desynchronisable closed loop system. ICE 2010: 99-114.

Past Affiliations

  • Department of Computer Science, Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. (Visiting Researcher 2013, Ph.D. Student 2008-2012)