Interfacing with Simulation Models

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Title Interfacing with Simulation Models
Summary Investigate how to use Functional Mock-Up Interface (FMI) standard to interface and co-simulate simulation models
References Functional Mock-Up Interface (FMI) >>

The Platooning Extension for Veins (Plexe) >>"Functional Mock-Up Interface (FMI) >> The Platooning Extension for Veins (Plexe) >>" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

Prerequisites The student(s) is preferably skilled in C++ and familiar with MATLAB/Simulink. Also, very interested in the FMI standard.
Supervisor Tony Larsson, Maytheewat Aramrattana
Level Master
Status Open

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Description : Many tools have been used to develop models of systems. For instance, some part of the system may be modelled in MATLAB/Simulink, while the others used Modelica. Functional Mock-Up Interface (FMI) has been proposed as a tool independent standard to support model-exchange and co-simulation. More specifically, this thesis will be focusing on the co-simulation in automotive domain, within Connected and Automated driving applications. One of the task is to incorporating MATLAB/Simulink models in Plexe, a network and traffic simulation platform for platooning application. Another main task could be to interface those models with the driving simulation software from the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI). Both VTI’s driving simulation software and Plexe are written in C++. An alternative task could be to run the FMI-compliance models (normally referred to as Functional Mock-Up Unit (FMU) on an embedded platform, such as Raspberry Pi, in order to co-simulate with the two simulators mentioned above.