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All form

All existing forms are available on a common page: New Input.

Create and edit your own page with the form ( Form:CreateStaff )

Direct link:

  • If you later want to edit the information, you can call the same form ( Form:CreateStaff ) and provide same Name.
  • If you do not directly see your information updated on e.g., the staff list Personnel. You can issue a "refresh" or simply edit and save the page. Eventually everything will be updated but it will take some time, without the refresh.
  • Some pictures already exist, use them or replace them: Special:ListFiles

The last part of the form is best exemplified by a few images (on the right, click them if they are to small ...):

Here is the part when we click the buttons to add Projects, Subject area and Courses (yellow oval). The bottom part we have to edit the text to display publications on the page (red oval).
Here how it looks like with the selected items.
... and this is the final section in the free form text block at the bottom. The arrow like thing is an HTML comment. This is also the place to add free text to the page.

It is now also possible to edit an existing personnel page with a "tab" (next to the usual edit tab).

Create and edit course pages Form:CourseForm

To create a new course use the form: Form:CourseForm

As the name use this syntax:

Intelligent Vehicles (7.5 credits)

Most things are self-explanatory, the property: IsNativeISlab set to true states that the course is owned by ISlab.

Add information about your collaborations (Form:Company, Form:AlumniForm)

Industrial: Talk:Industrial Partners
Academic: Category talk:Academic

Create a new partner company with this form: Form:Company

Create a new alumni page (Form:AlumniForm)

Check the Alumni talk page, find who's missing Category:Alumni

Category talk:Alumni

Create a new alumni on your own with the form: Form:AlumniForm

The greetings page

These where the three suggestions i showed before: Front page example 1, Front page example 2 and Front page example 3

Feel free to comment what you like/dislike in their corresponding talk page, here: Talk:Front page example 1, Talk:Front page example 2 or Talk:Front page example 3

The main page is now a new version of example 3. --Nicholas 23:31, 5 March 2012 (PST)

If you have suggestions for improvements, questions, comments you can add them here:



The video demand is solved, have a look at an example here.

Maximum size of files to upload are 200MB.

Files are uploaded via the special upload page (and yes, you need to be logged in).


There are basically two way to get .bib files into the system:

  1. use the specialpage Special:BibTeXImport - this is limited in many ways, not all fields will be imported
  2. talk to Slawomir, he can import files via php scripts.

General links

Some examples of semantic queries and presentations: Publications queries

Nicholas: This page was an inspiration for us (these guys where involved in the creation of the SemanticMediaWiki tool too):

General links to learn how to edit a wiki can be found here: Help pages

More information about the semantic extension can be found here:

The virtual machine we use is from here:

More information about our setup is found here: Special:Version