Mahsa Varshosaz

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Mahsa Varshosaz

Mahsa Varshosaz, Ph.D. Candidate, M.Sc.

Family Name: Varshosaz
Given Name: Mahsa
Role: Ph.D. Candidate
Title: M.Sc.
Subject: Computer Science and Engineering
Organization: Center for Research on Embedded Systems
Cell Phone: 

Research Interests

  • Model-based testing
  • Formal analysis of software product lines
  • Verification of probabilistic and stochastic systems
  • Modeling and verification of distributed systems
  • Program Repair


  • Mahsa Varshosaz and Mohammad Reza Mousavi: Comparative Expressiveness of Product Line Calculus of Communicating Systems and 1-Selecting Modal Transition Systems. Accepted in SOFSEM 2019.
  • Nauman Bin Ali, Emelie Engstrom, Masoumeh Taromirad, Mohammad Reza Mousavi, Nasir Mehmood Minhas, Daniel Helgesson, Sebastian Kunze, Masha Varshosaz: On the Search for Industry-Relevant Regression Testing Research, Accepted in Empirical Software Engineering Journal, 2018.
  • Mohammad Reza Mousavi and Mahsa Varshosaz: Telling Lies in Process Algebra. Accepted in TASE 2018.
  • Mahsa Varshosaz, Mustafa Al-Hajjaji, Thomas Thüm, Tobias Runge, Mohammadreza Mousavi and Ina Schaefer: A Classification of Product Sampling for Software Product Lines. Accepted in SPLC 2018.
  • Mahsa Varshosaz, Mohammad Reza Mousavi, Harsh Beohar: Basic behavioral models for software product lines: Revisited. Accepted in Science of Computer Programming Journal, 2018.
  • Sofia Larissa da Costa Paiva, Adenilso Simão, Mahsa Varshosaz, Mohammad Reza Mousavi: Complete IOCO test cases: a case study. A-TEST@SIGSOFT FSE 2016: 38-44.
  • Harsh Beohar, Mahsa Varshosaz, Mohammad Reza Mousavi: Basic behavioral models for software product lines: Expressiveness and testing pre-orders. Science of Computer Programming Journal 123: 42-60, 2016.
  • Sebastian Kunze, Wojciech Mostowski, Mohammad Reza Mousavi, Mahsa Varshosaz: Generation of failure models through automata learning. Workshop on Automotive Systems/Software Architectures (WASA), 2016.
  • Mahsa Varshosaz, Harsh Beohar, Mohammad Reza Mousavi: Delta-Oriented FSM-Based Testing. ICFEM 2015: 366-381.
  • Mahsa Varshosaz, Ramtin Khosravi: Model Checking of Software Product Lines in Presence of Nondeterminism and Probabilities. APSEC (1) 2014: 63-70.
  • Mahsa Varshosaz, Ramtin Khosravi: Discrete time Markov chain families: modeling and verification of probabilistic software product lines. SPLC Workshops 2013: 34-41.
  • Mahsa Varshosaz, Ramtin Khosravi: Modeling and Verification of Probabilistic Actor Systems Using pRebeca. ICFEM 2012: 135-150.


  • Data Security for Embedded Systems (Undergraduate course), Halmstad University.

Winter 2017, Winter 2018

  • Real-Time Embedded Systems (Graduate course), Halmstad University.

Fall 2014, Fall 2016, Fall 2017

  • Advanced Object-Oriented Programming (Undergraduate course), Halmstad University.

Spring 2015, Spring 2016, Spring 2017

  • Formal Modeling and Verification (Graduate course), University of Tehran.

Fall 2012, Fall 2013

Supervised Theses

  • Bachelor Thesis: Embedded System Design for Autonomous Drones. (As a part of 2018 Student CPS Challenge.) Halmstad University, Jan 2018-Current.

Students: Emil Johansson, Patrick Karlsson

  • Master Thesis: Generating Test Adapters for ModelJunit. Halmstad University, 2017. (Co-supervised)

Student: Ardalan Hashemi Aghdam

  • Bachelor Thesis: On Efficiency and Effectiveness of Model-based Test Case Generation Techniques by Applying the HIS Method: An Experimental Research. Gothenburg University, 2016. (Co-supervised)

Students: Mahsa Abbasian, Sali El Masri

Presentations in Conferences / Workshops

ICFEM 2012, FMSPLE 2013, APSEC 2014, NWPT 2014, AVOCS 2014, ICFEM 2015, iFM PhD symposium 2016, NWPT 2016, WADT 2016, FOSD 2017, NWPT 2017

Summer/Winter Schools

  • Halmstad Testing Summer School 2014, 2015, 2017
  • Marktoberdorf Summer School 2015
  • Autumn School on Cyber-Physical Systems 2015

Reviewer for Journals and Conferences

  • Science of Computer Programming Journal (Outstanding reviewer, September 2017), PeerJ Journal
  • CILC 2013, ACSD 2014, FOR-MOVES 2014, FSEN 2015, FormaliSE 2015, Coordination 2015, FSEN 2015, TTCS 2015, ICFEM 2015, TASE 2016, ACSD 2016, SEFM 2016, ICFEM 2016, FM 2016, FSEN 2017, ICTAC 2017, ICFEM 2017, HLDVT 2017, VAMOS 2018, VariVolution 2019