Model-Based Testing of Actors

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Title Model-Based Testing of Actors
Summary This project aims at building the basic tools for using Actor-based models in order to perform model-based testing of asynchronous systems.
Supervisor Mohammad Reza Mousavi, Marjan Sirjani (Reykjavik University)
Level Master
Status Open

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The main task is to develop an engine to take as input an actor-based implementation (written in Java or Scala), and also a Rebeca model (a more abstract actor-based language) which shows the desired behavior of this implementation. The engine generates and runs test cases based on the Rebeca model. It has to interact with the model and the implementation to guide the execution path in the implementation based on the model. In case of a failure, the tool should produce a sequence of interactions reproducing the failure. This will be a useful tool for testing actor-based programs as it solves the well-known "oracle problem" in testing by predicting the expected from the Rebeca model.