Publications:A domain-specic approach for software development on manycore platforms

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Title A domain-specic approach for software development on manycore platforms
Author Jerker Bengtsson and Bertil Svensson
Year 2008
PublicationType Conference Paper
Conference First Swedish Workshop on Multi-Core Computing MCC-08 November 27-28, 2008 Ronneby, Sweden
Diva url
Abstract The programming complexity of increasingly parallel processors calls for new tools that assist programmers in utilising the parallel hardware resources. In this paper we present a set of models that we have developed as part of a tool for mapping dataflow graphs onto manycores. One of the models captures the essentials of manycores identified as suitable for signal processing, and which we use as tar- get for our algorithms. As an intermediate representation we introduce timed configuration graphs, which describe the mapping of a model of an application onto a machine model. Moreover, we show how a timed configuration graph by very simple means can be evaluated using an abstract interpretation to obtain performance feedback. This infor- mation can be used by our tool and by the programmer in order to discover improved mappings.