Publications:A fiber-optic interconnection concept for scaleable massively parallel computing

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Title A fiber-optic interconnection concept for scaleable massively parallel computing
Author Magnus Jonsson and Kenneth Nilsson and Bertil Svensson
Year 1995
PublicationType Conference Paper
HostPublication Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Massively Parallel Processing Using Optical Interconnections : October 23 - 24, 1995, San Antonio, Texas
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Abstract One of the most important features of interconnection networks for massively parallel computer systems is scaleability. The fiber-optic network described in this paper uses both wavelength division multiplexing and a configurable ratio between optics and electronics to gain an architecture with good scaleability. The network connects distributed modules together to a huge parallel system where each node itself typically consists of parallel processing elements. The paper describes two different implementations of the star topology, one uses an electronic star and fiber optic connections, the other is purely optical with a passive optical star in the center. The medium access control of the communication concept is presented and some scaleability properties are discussed involving also a multiple-star topology.