Publications:An Overtaking Assistance System Based on Joint Beaconing and Real-Time Video Transmission

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Title An Overtaking Assistance System Based on Joint Beaconing and Real-Time Video Transmission
Author Alexey Vinel and Evgeny Belyaev and Karen Egiazarian and Yevgeni Koucheryavy
Year 2012
PublicationType Journal Paper
Journal IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology
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Abstract Overtaking on rural roads often becomes dangerous when oncoming traffic is detected by the driver too late or its speed is underestimated. Recently proposed cooperative overtaking assistance systems, which are based on Vehicular Ad hoc NETworks (VANETs), rely on either real-time video transmission or the exchange of status messages (beacons). In the first case, a video stream captured by a camera installed at the windshield of a vehicle is compressed and broadcast to any vehicles driving behind it, where it is displayed to the driver. In the second case, beacons that include position, speed, and direction are frequently broadcast by all the vehicles to ensure detection of oncoming traffic as early as possible and to issue a warning to the driver whenever needed. In this paper, we demonstrate that the performance of a video-based overtaking assistant can be significantly improved if codec channel adaptation is undertaken by exploiting information from the beacons about any forthcoming increase in the load of the multiple access channel used. The theoretical framework presented describes the basic patterns of such a coupled overtaking assistant and can serve as a useful guideline for the future practical implementation of the system. The benefits of our approach are demonstrated in relation to the practical scenario of H.264/AVC video coding and IEEE 802.11p/Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (WAVE) intervehicle communication standards. © 2012 IEEE.