Publications:Analysis problems in a spatial reuse ring network with a simple clocking strategy

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Title Analysis problems in a spatial reuse ring network with a simple clocking strategy
Author Carl Bergenhem and Magnus Jonsson
Year 2002
PublicationType Report
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Abstract This technical report describes the problems associated with analysis of a spatial reuse ring network with a clock strategy also used in previously studied ring networks. The aim for the analysis was to find the worst case deterministic throughput. Some results are achieved and are presented. A worst case bound is found and this can be used for analysing feasibility of message connection sets. However, the bound is pessimistic and does not utilise the bandwidth reuse features of the network. This result does not meet the expectations that where foreseen because the medium access method inherently supports distributed global deadline scheduling. It is concluded that the current clock strategy of the network is the cause of the problems. It is also concluded that the analysis is complicated by the clocking strategy and that by introducing small changes in the network (will be presented in a separate paper), the analysis of the real-time performance will be much simpler. This will lead to a network with less pessimistic assumptions and hence better support for real-time traffic.