Publications:Bridging gendered and scientific cultures in a healthcare technology context

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Title Bridging gendered and scientific cultures in a healthcare technology context
Author Agneta Hansson and Gunilla Fürst Hörte and Emma Börjesson and Suzanne Almgren Mason and Bertil Svensson
Year 2010
PublicationType Conference Paper
HostPublication Proceedings from the International Conference Equality, Growth and Sustainability - Do They Mix?
Conference Equality, growth adn sustainability - Do they mix?, Linköping, 25-26 nov 2010
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Abstract The project Gender Perspective on Embedded Intelligent Systems – Application in Healthcare Technology (G-EIS) financed by Vinnova is integrated into the research environment Embedded Intelligent Systems (EIS) at Halmstad University. EIS is contributing to the regional Triple Helix innovation system Healthcare Technology by developing new technology for application within the health and care sector, and there is an outspoken need for a more articulated gender perspective within the research environment. The project is inspired by the Technoscientific gender research. It has a qualitative and action research approach and is oriented toward development. In the project process the difference between epistemological cultures has been obvious. In the interaction between the researchers we realize that engineering and other technological sciences not only consider aspects of science to be separate from reality, but also seek positivistic proof in research, something not always possible in the more qualitative research of the social sciences. In the paper we discuss how to bridge and create understanding between sciences and different epistemological cultures.