Publications:Column Generation for Discrete-Rate Multi-User and Multi-Carrier Power Control

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Title Column Generation for Discrete-Rate Multi-User and Multi-Carrier Power Control
Author Martin Wolkerstorfer and Joakim Jaldén and Tomas Nordström
Year 2012
PublicationType Journal Paper
Journal IEEE Transactions on Communications
Diva url
Abstract We consider a constrained multi-carrier powerallocation problem in interference-limited multi-user systemswith a finite set of transmission rates. The Lagrange relaxationis a common technique for decomposing such problems intoindependently solvable per-subcarrier problems. Deviating fromthis approach our main contribution is the proposal of anovel spectrum management framework based on a NonlinearDantzig-Wolfe problem decomposition. It allows for suboptimalinitialization and suboptimal power allocation methods with lowcomplexity. While we show that the combinatorial per-subcarrierproblems have polynomial complexity in the number of users,we find that such suboptimal methods are indispensable inlarge systems. Thus we give an overview of various basic dualheuristics and provide simulation results on a set of thousanddigital subscriber line (DSL) networks which show the superiorperformance of our framework compared to previous powercontrol algorithms.