Publications:Early Fault Detection in DSLs using SMT Solving and Automated Debugging

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Title Early Fault Detection in DSLs using SMT Solving and Automated Debugging
Author Sarmen Keshishzadeh and Arjan Mooij and Mohammad Reza Mousavi
Year 2013
PublicationType Conference Paper
HostPublication Software Engineering and Formal Methods : 11th International Conference, SEFM 2013, Madrid, Spain, September 2013 Proceedings
Conference SEFM 2013
Diva url
Abstract In the context of Domain Specic Languages (DSLs), westudy ways to detect faults early in the software development cycle. Wepropose techniques that validate a wide range of properties, classiedinto basic and advanced. Basic validation includes syntax checking, reference checking and type checking. Advanced validation concerns domainspecic properties related to the semantics of the DSL. For verication,we mechanically translate the DSL instance and the advanced propertiesinto Satisability Modulo Theory (SMT) problems, and solve these problems using an SMT solver. For user feedback, we extend the vericationwith automated debugging, which pinpoints the causes of the violatedproperties and traces them back to the syntactic constructs of the DSL.We illustrate this integration of techniques using an industrial case oncollision prevention for medical imaging equipment.