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Title Environment Classifiers
Author Walid Taha and Michael Florentin Nielsen
Year 2003
PublicationType Conference Paper
Conference POPL'03. International Conference on Principles of Programming Languages
Diva url
Abstract This paper proposes and develops the basic theory for a newapproach to typing multi-stage languages based a notion ofenvironment classifiers. This approach involves explicit butlightweight tracking – at type-checking time – of the origination environment for future-stage computations. Classification is less restrictive than the previously proposed notionsof closedness, and allows for both a more expressive typingof the “run” construct and for a unifying account of typedmulti-stage programming.The proposed approach to typing requires making crossstage persistence (CSP) explicit in the language. At thesame time, it offers concrete new insights into the notion oflevels and in turn into CSP itself. Type safety is establishedin the simply-typed setting. As a first step toward introducing classifiers to the Hindley-Milner setting, we propose anapproach to integrating the two, and prove type preservationin this setting.