Publications:Evaluating IEEE 802.15.4 for Cyber-Physical Systems

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Title Evaluating IEEE 802.15.4 for Cyber-Physical Systems
Author Feng Xia and Alexey Vinel and Ruixia Gao and Linqiang Wang and Tie Qiu
Year 2011
PublicationType Journal Paper
Journal EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking
Diva url
Abstract With rapid advancements in sensing, networking, and computing technologies, recent years have witnessed the emergence of cyber-physical systems (CPS) in a broad range of application domains. CPS is a new class of engineered systems that features the integration of computation, communications, and control. In contrast to general-purpose computing systems, many cyber-physical applications are safety critical. These applications impose considerable requirements on quality of service (QoS) of the employed networking infrastruture. Since IEEE 802.15.4 has been widely considered as a suitable protocol for CPS over wireless sensor and actuator networks, it is of vital importance to evaluate its performance extensively. Serving for this purpose, this paper will analyze the performance of IEEE 802.15.4 standard operating in different modes respectively. Extensive simulations have been conducted to examine how network QoS will be impacted by some critical parameters. The results are presented and analyzed, which provide some useful insights for network parameter configuration and optimization for CPS design. © 2011 Feng Xia et al.