Publications:Fiber-ribbon ring network with services for parallel processing and distributed real-time systems

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Title Fiber-ribbon ring network with services for parallel processing and distributed real-time systems
Author Magnus Jonsson and Carl Bergenhem and Jörgen Olsson
Year 1999
PublicationType Conference Paper
HostPublication Proc. SNART'99 Real-Time Systems Conference
Diva url
Abstract In this paper, we present how real-time services are implemented in a control-channel based ring network built up of fiber-ribbon point-to-point links. Services for best effort messages, guarantee seeking messages and real-time virtual channels are supported for single destination, multicast and broadcast transmission by the network. Slot-reservation is used for the implementation of real-time virtual channels. High aggregated throughput can be achieved due to pipelining, i.e., data can be transmitted simultaneously in different segments of the ring. An analysis of worst-case latency and deterministic throughput, which are important measures for real-time service implementation, is provided. The network is analyzed for two variants of time-slot organization, one that offers higher throughput and one that offers lower latency in some situations. We also show how the network offers low-level support for parallel computing, i.e.,  barrier-synchronization and global reduction. The control channel is used when realizing these functions, which implies no modification of the original network architecture. Low-level support for reliable transmission is also offered in a similar manner. This includes acknowledge / negative acknowledge and flow-control.