Publications:Generating Heap-bounded Programs in a Functional Setting

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Title Generating Heap-bounded Programs in a Functional Setting
Author Walid Taha and Stephan Ellner and Hongwei Xi
Year 2003
PublicationType Conference Paper
Conference EMSOFT'03. International Conference on Embedded Software and Systems.
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Abstract High-level programming languages offer significant expressivity but provide little or no guarantees about resource utilization.Resource-bounded languages provide strong guarantees about the runtime behavior of programs but often lack mechanisms that allow programmers to write more structured, modular, and reusable programs. Toovercome this basic tension in language design, this paper advocates taking into account the natural distinction between the development platform and the deployment platform for resource-sensitive software.To illustrate this approach, we develop the meta-theory for GeHB, a twolevel language in which first stage computations can involve arbitraryresource consumption, but the second stage can only involve functionalprograms that do not require new heap allocations. As an example ofa such a second-stage language we use the recently proposed first-orderfunctional language LFPL. LFPL can be compiled directly to mallocfree, imperative C code. We show that all generated programs in GeHBcan be transformed into well-typed LFPL programs, thus ensuring thatthe results established for LFPL are directly applicable to GeHB.