Publications:Guaranteed Real-Time Communication in Packet-Switched Networks with FCFS queuing : Analysis and Simulations

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Title Guaranteed Real-Time Communication in Packet-Switched Networks with FCFS queuing : Analysis and Simulations
Author Xing Fan and Jan Jonsson and Magnus Jonsson
Year 2007
PublicationType Report
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Abstract In this report, we present a real-time analytical framework and the performance evaluation on our analysis. We propose a feasibility analysis of periodic hard real-time traffic in packet-switched networks using First Come First Served (FCFS) queuing but no traffic shapers. We choose switched Ethernet as an example to present the idea of our analysis and our experimental evaluations in this report.The remainder of the report is organized as follows. In Chapter 2, we define the network models, important concepts and terminology for real-time analysis. Chapter 3 presents our real-time analysis for isolated network elements. Chapter 4 gives end-to-end real-time analysis. Chapter 5 presents the performance evaluation of our results by simulation and comparison study and summarizes this report.