Publications:Knowledge Horizon - Dynamic limitations in a wireless ad hoc network

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Title Knowledge Horizon - Dynamic limitations in a wireless ad hoc network
Author Urban Bilstrup and Bertil Svensson and Per-Arne Wiberg
Year 2003
PublicationType Conference Paper
HostPublication SNCNW 2003 Swedish National Computer Networking Workshop 2003 on-line proceedings
Conference 1st Swedish National Computer Networking Workshop, SNCNW 2003, Stockholm, Sweden, 8-10 September 2003
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Abstract In this paper we investigate the impact of node mobility in a wireless ad hoc network (WAHN). Especially we investigate the possibility to provide guaranteed services in a WAHN, i.e., the network topology predictability. We combine link expiration time (LET) estimation with information propagation speed (IPS) in a time-space diagram and as result an operation area is revealed. The result gives that a WAHN, where the nodes are mobile, has a knowledge horizon (KH), the distance of which is dependent on the mobility of the nodes. Beyond the KH, knowledge about the network state is impossible to achieve. Thus, we can not predict long distance network topology state when the node mobility is high.