Publications:Modeling and Optimization of Line-Driver Power Consumption in xDSL Systems

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Title Modeling and Optimization of Line-Driver Power Consumption in xDSL Systems
Author Martin Wolkerstorfer and Steffen Trautmann and Tomas Nordström and Bakti Putra
Year 2012
PublicationType Journal Paper
Journal EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing
Diva url
Abstract Optimization of the power spectrum alleviates the crosstalk noise in Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL) and thereby reduces their power consumption at present. In order to truly assess the DSL system power consumption, thispaper presents realistic line driver (LD) power consumption models. These are applicable to any DSL system andextend previous models by parameterizing various circuit-level non-idealities. Based on the model of a class-ABLD we analyze the multi-user power spectrum optimization problem and propose novel algorithms for its global or approximate solution. The thereby obtained simulation results support our claim that this problem can besimplified with negligible performance loss by neglecting the LD model. This motivates the usage of established spectral optimization algorithms, which are shown to significantly reduce the LD power consumption comparedto static spectrum management.