Publications:Pseudo-elastic wire application in robotized cutting systems

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Title Pseudo-elastic wire application in robotized cutting systems
Author Jawad Masood and Matteo Zoppi and Rezia Molfino
Year 2013
PublicationType Journal Paper
Journal Automation in Construction
Diva url
Abstract Analytical and simulation results with pseudo-elastic core wire in stone cutting applications are discussed. System specifications and requirements are defined for the operation of the wire at tensions, speed and general conditions similar to the ones optimized for cutting with standard rope wires with beads of the same diameter. Multi-body dynamic simulation parameters are derived from scale homogenization approach. They are used to run multi-body simulation analysis according to the cutting force requirements. Different simulation schemes and approaches are invented to model the effective cutting forces and system dynamic behavior. Constitutive non-linear pseudo-elastic material model is exploited to be utilized in finite element analysis. The results obtained are further used in finite element analysis in order to study the variation of forces among different sections of pseudo-elastic wire. Finally finite element transient analysis is performed to have an insight into the behavior of the wire under time variant loads. © 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.