Publications:Radar signal processing using pipelined optical hypercube interconnects

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Title Radar signal processing using pipelined optical hypercube interconnects
Author Håkan Forsberg and Bertil Svensson and Anders Åhlander and Magnus Jonsson
Year 2001
PublicationType Conference Paper
HostPublication Proceedings of the 15th International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium : IPDPS 2001 : abstracts and CD-ROM
Diva url
Abstract In this paper, we consider the mapping of two radar algorithms on a new scalable hardware architecture. The architecture consists of several computational modules that work independently and send data simultaneously in order to achieve high throughput. Each computational module is composed of multiple processors connected in a hypercube topology to meet scalability and high bisection bandwidth requirements. Free-space optical interconnects and planar packaging technology make it possible to transform the hypercubes into planes. Optical fan-out reduces the number of optical transmitters and thus the hardware cost. Two example systems are analyzed and mapped onto the architecture. One 64-channel airborne radar system with a sustained computational load of more than 1.6 TFLOPS, and one ground-based 128-channel radar system with extreme inter-processor communication demands.