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Title Resource-Aware Programming - Invited paper
Author Walid Taha
Year 2004
PublicationType Conference Paper
HostPublication Embedded software and systems : first international conference, ICESS 2004, Hangzhou, China, December 9-10, 2004 ; revised selected papers
Conference First International Conference on Embedded Software and Systems, ICESS 2004, Hangzhou, 9-10 December, 2004
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Abstract Traditional wisdom in programming language design suggests that there is a trade-off between expressive power and static guarantees. We describe a novel schema for designing a class of languages that we call Resource-aware Programming (RAP) languages. By taking into account the natural distinction between the development platform and the deployment platform for embedded software, RAP languages can alleviate the need for drastic trade-offs between expressive power and static guarantees. We describe our preliminary experience designing and programming in a RAP language for hardware design, and give a brief overview of directions for future work.