Publications:Revised Upstream Power back-off for VDSL

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Title Revised Upstream Power back-off for VDSL
Author D. Statovci and Tomas Nordström and R. Nilsson and Vladimir Oksman
Year 2006
PublicationType Conference Paper
Conference 31st International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2006), Toulouse, France, May 14-19, 2006
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Abstract Accurate upstream power back-off (PBO) parameters are needed by operators deploying very high-speed digital subscriber line (VDSL) modems. Although a standardized PBO method for VDSL exist, the standard gives little or no guidance to an operator how to establish these optimized PBO parameters for its particular network and customers. In this paper, we present an efficient algorithm based on the Nelder-Mead simplex search which calculates optimized upstream PBO parameters. To make the PBO parameter calculation in-dependent of the network scenario we present a new method for establishing worst-case far-end crosstalk (FEXT) noise, which is based on virtual modems. © 2006 IEEE.