Publications:Towards a Primitive Higher Order Calculus of Broadcasting Systems

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Title Towards a Primitive Higher Order Calculus of Broadcasting Systems
Author Karol Ostrovsky and K. V. S. Prasad and Walid Taha
Year 2002
PublicationType Conference Paper
Conference PPDP'02. Symposium on Symposium on Principles and Practice of Declarative Programming
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Abstract Ethernet-style broadcast is a pervasive style of computercommunication. In this style, the medium is a single nameless channel. Previous work on modelling such systems proposed CBS. In this paper, we propose a fundamentally different calculus called HOBS. Compared to CBS, HOBS 1)is higher order rather than first order, 2) supports dynamicsubsystem encapsulation rather than static, and 3) does notrequire an “underlying language” to be Turing-complete.Moving to a higher order calculus is key to increasing the expressivity of the primitive calculus and alleviating the needfor an underlying language. The move, however, raises theneed for significantly more machinery to establish the basicproperties of the new calculus. This paper develops the basictheory for HOBS and presents two example programs thatillustrate programming in this language. The key technicalunderpinning is an adaptation of Howe’s method to HOBSto prove that bisimulation is a congruence. From this result,HOBS is shown to embed the lazy λ-calculus.