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Title Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications
Author Christoph Mecklenbräuker and Laura Bernadó and Oliver Klemp and Andreas Kwoczek and Alexander Paier and Moritz Schack and Katrin Sjöberg and Erik Ström and Fredrik Tufvesson and Elisabeth Uhlemann and Thomas Zemen
Year 2012
PublicationType Book Chapter
HostPublication Pervasive Mobile and Ambient Wireless Communications : Cost Action 2100
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Abstract This chapter discusses major results and conclusions from Special Interest Group C bringing together various aspects of mobile to mobile communication from all working groups. Vehicle-to-vehicle communication scenarios are emphasized. Traffic telematics applications are currently under intense research and development for making transportation safer, more efficient, and cleaner. Communication systems which provide “always on” connectivity at data rates between 1 and 10 Mb/s to highly mobile surface traffic (cars and trains) are urgently required for developing traffic telematics applications and services. Currently much attention is given to advanced active safety, but the application area also ranges to improved navigation mechanisms and infotainment services. mobile to mobile communications need to be reliable and trusted: Drivers in cars which are equipped with vehicle to vehicle communications need to rely on the accuracy and timeliness of the exchanged data. Automotive manufacturers, road authorities, broadcast companies, and telecom providers are the key players in the value chain for such future systems. These communication systems provide an extended information horizon to warn the driver or the vehicular systems of potentially dangerous situations in an early phase.