Publications:Wireless Real-Time Communication Using Deadline Dependent Coding

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Title Wireless Real-Time Communication Using Deadline Dependent Coding
Author Elisabeth Uhlemann and Lars K. Rasmussen and Per-Arne Wiberg
Year 2006
PublicationType Book Chapter
HostPublication ARTES - A network for Real-Time research and graduate Education in Sweden 1997-2006 : MRTC report (197/2006)
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Abstract The constant evolution of wireless communication, and all the applications this enables, is rapidly increasing our demands on the performance of communication networks. As the transmission speed increases, entirely new applications and services, like for example video streaming, suddenly becomes interesting for wireless systems as well. The expectations of the general user with respect to performance of wireless applications are guided by the current quality of traditional wireline systems. This naturally implies a considerable challenge when designing wireless communication systems. Many of these new wireless applications are based on packet transmissions and are sub ject to time-critical constraints. The ob jective of the deadline dependent coding (DDC) communication protocol presented here is therefore to develop an efficient and fault tolerant real-time link layer foundation, enabling critical deadline dependent communication over unreliable wireless channels.