Research in Real-Time Communication

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This research group has contributed extensively to the communication area, especially real-time communication. Our main research areas are on communication methods and protocols, channel coding and diversity, timing analysis as well as network architectures for communication within and between embedded systems, utilizing either wired or wireless communication. We have been contributing to wireless industrial real-time communication already in the late 90s. We founded the concept of deadline-dependent coding, and later a framework for reliable real-time communication, later adapted for, e.g. multi-channel networks using IEEE 802.15.4. Within the field of wireless communication for cooperative traffic safety applications, we have contributed with results on both centralized and decentralized solutions improving the real-time performance compared to standard IEEE 802.11p. The group is performing research on how to support hard real-time traffic over switched Ethernet – since early 2000, with the first publications in 2002.