Active at Work


Optimizing physical activity at work with personalized decision support among individuals with osteoarthritis

Active at Work
Project start:
1 January 2017
Project end:
31 December 2019
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Anita Sant'Anna
Application Area:
Health Technology

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The aim of Active@Work is to explore if mobile technology including a personalized decision support system, can have any effect on physical activity level, health, work ability, quality of life, work productivity or sick leave among individuals with osteoarthritis (OA). We also aim to study if there is any difference in effect between using mobile technology and activity monitoring alone or when continuous feedback concerning physical activity is added. Participants will be allocated through a patient education program for OA and randomized into either (A) Patient education program and physical activity monitoring, (B) Intervention A plus continuous feedback concerning physical activity or (C) Patient education program (control). The intervention will be performed during three months, with measurements at baseline, and follow-ups after 3, 6 and 12 months. Patient-reported outcomes, outcomes from technical devices and register data will be evaluated. Lund University is responsible for the randomized controlled trial and Halmstad University is responsible for developing the mobile technology and activity support in the project. Inclusion of patients in the project is expected to start in spring 2017 and to continue until 2019. Analyses and manuscript writing will be performed during 2019. This project will show how technological solutions can be used to develop evidence-based treatment models to improve health and work ability which can be effective as first line treatment of OA.

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