Health Technology

Health Technology
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Research in Health Technology
Contact: Anita Sant'Anna
Centre for Health Technology Halland (HCH)

Our mission is to support healthy and active lifestyles, safe and independent aging, as well as effective care services by developing intelligent systems that are aware of a person’s situation, health, and well-being using affordable, unobtrusive, and ubiquitous sensors. At CAISR, we develop technologies that support the acquisition and analysis of health-related data for monitoring and decision-support. We work with both mobile technologies and intelligent environments, and focus on movement analysis, behavior modeling and deviation detection techniques.


  ContactInformation ShortDescription
AccelGait Anita Sant'Anna Using accelerometers to evaluate quality of gait
Active at Work Anita Sant'Anna Optimizing physical activity at work with personalized decision support among individuals with osteoarthritis
CAISR Intelligent Environment Anita Sant'Anna Supporting research and education
Centre for Health Technology Halland - HCH Anne-Christine Hertz Innovation for health.
GoDIS Nicholas Wickström Digital innovations and Self-Determined Exercise Motivation
HMC2 Nicholas Wickström Human Motion, Categorization and Characterization
IMedA Slawomir Nowaczyk Improving MEDication Adherence through Person Centered Care and Adaptive Interventions
MoveApp Anita Sant'Anna A movement analysis application for the Mobile Health Platform
SA3L - Situation Awareness for Ambient Assisted Living Roland Thörner This project focuses on data mining methods and sensors to model human behavior in home environments and techniques to infer knowledge from such models.
SELIES Nicholas Wickström Supporting Elderly Life through Intelligent Embedded Systems


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