Analysing Engine Performance based on Vehicle Data

Title Analysing Engine Performance based on Vehicle Data
Summary Estimate engine perfromance based on data logged on-board Volvo vehicles and using it for diagnostics, e.g. detection of cylinder heads in need of replacement
Keywords Data Mining
TimeFrame Spring 2016
Prerequisites Cooperating Intelligent Systems and Learning Systems courses
Supervisor Sławomir Nowaczyk, Magnus Svensson
Level Master
Status Internal Draft

We have data collected on-board Volvo trucks in USA. The goal of the project is to analyse this data and find deviations in engine performance between healthy and faulty vehicles.

Two cylinder heads have been replaced on that test fleet. Cylinder head replacement is usually due to cracks or valve assembly breakage.

But performance drift occurs prior to that, due to metal to metal contact between valves/ports, such that tolerances increase. Similarly, quality of replacement is mostly about how accurately the installer adjusted the valves.

The goal of the thesis is to find a way to detect problems related to cylinder heads before they cause unplanned vehicle breakdown.

More details to follow...