Human identification by handwriting of identity text

Title Human identification by handwriting of identity text
Summary Identify a hand writer when repeated identity relevant text is available
TimeFrame HT2019
Prerequisites Image Analysis
Supervisor Josef Bigun, Fernando Alonso-Fernandez
Level Master
Status Ongoing

Goal: to extract identity relevant information from repeated instances of text entered by hand-written block-letters.

The project will work with the quiz scenario in mind, i.e. the participants are students who take quizes. A student will typically take several quizes and will enter the same or similar identity information by hand-writing on answer forms. The order of incoming response-forms is random, because at each quiz the students sit at different places, and not all take the same quizes. The number of persons taking the quiz is limited, e.g. the students of a school taking different courses.

The first mile-stone is to tell which quizes are hand-written by the same student. A second mile-stone is to extract the explicit identity of each student.