Hydro Power Station

Title Hydro Power Station
Summary Collaboration with Ålberga Bruk 1919
TimeFrame Fall 2022
Supervisor Slawomir Nowaczyk / TBD
Level Master
Status Open

One (or more) projects could be defined together with Gustaf Hellström, owner of a small hydropower plant.

Some ideas include:

  1. prediction of water flow in the area (to avoid flooding)
  2. control and planning of when to run the power plant, based on weather and electricity prices
  3. improve turbine restart process (automate and make it safer)
  4. possibly also solutions for additional data collection (e.g., sensors powered by solar panels)

A more detailed description of the power plant is here: Media:Water_power_plan.pdf

If you are interested in this topic, get in touch with Slawomir beforehand, and let me know which idea you'd like to pursue... then we can discuss details with Gustaf.