Vehicle diagnostics and predictive maintenance

Project start:
February 2014
Project end:
January 2016
More info (PDF):
Sławomir Nowaczyk
Application Area:
Intelligent Vehicles

Involved internal personnel
Involved external personnel
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The goal of the project is to keep commercial vehicles in good operational condition, both from a financial and safety point of view. Haulers and transporters require OEMs to provide vehicles having close to 100% uptime. That means no stops, unless planned, as well as guarantees on optimal performance of all components ensuring acceptable levels of CO2 emission and fuel consumption. Utilizing data that comes from sources with different origin, such as on-board, off-board, structured, unstructured, private and public, and by combining information and finding common patterns will allow us to better adapt the service contracts and maintenance plans to the needs of individual customers and individual vehicles. Volvo Technology will coordinate the project and is overall responsible. The other partners of the project are: Volvo Information Technology, Högskolan i Halmstad, Svenska Innovationsinstitutet and Recorded Future.