Path Planning

Title Path Planning
Summary Path and Motion Planning for a Ferry
Keywords Path Planning
TimeFrame 2 Terms
Supervisor Slawomir Nowaczyk, Yuantao Fan, Hadi Fanaee, or Mohamed Abuella
Level Master
Status Internal Draft

Project description

Path/Motion Planning Introduction Reducing fuel of marine traffic is a complex task that involves everything from path planning to control parameters such as acceleration pedal position and heading. Tackling the entire problem is a big task and is therefor preferable to divide into well defined sub projects. This document will describe the end goal and suggest different parts of the main objective to ensure reachable goals.

Goal The end goal is to provide a full motion control of the vessel from a point A to B. This would include path (including heading-course over ground difference) as well as speed (including acceleration pedal position). This would be optimised with the help of a cost function and a motion planning algorithm inside a sufficiently detailed graph. The cost function will be based on multiple factors, mainly fuel, but also total time of the travel as well as energy division between different sources. The graph will be a multi dimensional graph where longitude, latitude, speed, heading, wind, etc can be considered as dimensions. The graph should be sufficiently detailed in different ranges of the dimensions. For example the longitude and latitude can take longer steps in open sea and shorter close to harbours