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2016 International Conference on Biometrics (ICB) : Proceedings: 13-16 June 2016, Halmstad, Sweden +Conference Proceedings  +
2D Map Alignment With Region Decomposition +Journal Paper  +


3D Sensors on Driverless Trucks for Detection of Overhanging Objects in the Pathway +Book Chapter  +


A "Smart Bedroom" as an Active Database System +Conference Paper  +
A Comparative Study of Fingerprint Image-Quality Estimation Methods +Journal Paper  +
A Comparison of Ion Current Based Algorithms for Peak Pressure Position Control +Journal Paper  +
A Database-Centric Architecture for Home-Based Health Monitoring +Book Chapter  +
A First Course on Cyber Physical Systems +Conference Paper  +
A Ground Truth for Iris Segmentation +Conference Paper  +
A Holistic Smart Home Demonstrator for Anomaly Detection and Response +Conference Paper  +
A Hybrid System for Robust Recognition of Ethiopic Script +Conference Paper  +
A Kernel based multi-resolution time series analysis for screening deficiencies in paper production +Conference Paper  +
A Knowledge-Based Approach to Modelling Planning Domains with Uncertainty for Resource Bounded Agents +Conference Paper  +
A Light Formulation of the E* Interpolated Path Replanner +Report  +
A Mobile Application for Easy Design and Testing of Algorithms to Monitor Physical Activity in the Workplace +Journal Paper  +
A New Two-Degree-of-Freedom Space Heating Model for Demand Response +Conference Paper  +
A New method for colour measurements in graphic arts +Journal Paper  +
A Novel Technique to Design an Adaptive Committee of Models Applied to Predicting Company's Future Performance +Conference Paper  +
A Plan Manager for Multi-robot Systems +Journal Paper  +
A Real-Time AdaBoost Cascade Face Tracker Based on Likelihood Map and Optical Flow +Journal Paper  +
A SOM based model combination strategy +Conference Paper  +
A SOM-based data mining strategy for adaptive modelling of an offset lithographic printing process +Journal Paper  +
A Segmentation-Free Approach to Recognise Printed Sinhala Script +Conference Paper  +
A Self-Organized Fault Detection Method for Vehicle Fleets +Licentiate Thesis  +
A Serial-Parallel Panoramic Filter Bank as a Model of Frequency Decomposition of Complex Sounds in the Human Inner Ear +Journal Paper  +
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