Publications:An Overview of Periocular Biometrics


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Title An Overview of Periocular Biometrics
Author Fernando Alonso-Fernandez and Josef Bigun
Year 2017
PublicationType Book Chapter
HostPublication Iris and Periocular Biometric Recognition
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Abstract Periocular biometrics specifically refers to the externally visible skin region of the face that surrounds the eye socket. Its utility is specially pronounced when the iris or the face cannot be properly acquired, being the ocular modality requiring the least constrained acquisition process. It appears over a wide range of distances, even under partial face occlusion (close distance) or low resolution iris (long distance), making it very suitable for unconstrained or uncooperative scenarios. It also avoids the need of iris segmentation, an issue in difficult images. In such situation, identifying a suspect where only the periocular region is visible is one of the toughest real-world challenges in biometrics. The richness of the periocular region in terms of identity is so high that the whole face can even be reconstructed only from images of the periocular region. The technological shift to mobile devices has also resulted in many identity-sensitive applications becoming prevalent on these devices.