Publications:Iris Pupil Detection by Structure Tensor Analysis


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Title Iris Pupil Detection by Structure Tensor Analysis
Author Fernando Alonso-Fernandez and Josef Bigun
Year 2011
PublicationType Conference Paper
Conference SSBA Symposium 2011 (SSBA2011), 17-18 mars, Linköping, Sweden
Diva url
Abstract This paper present a pupil detection/segmentation algorithm for iris images based on Structure Tensor analysis. Eigenvalues of the structure tensor matrix have been observed to be high in pupil boundaries and specular reflections of iris images. We exploit this fact to detect the specular reflections region and the boundary of the pupil in a sequential manner. Experimental results are given using the CASIA-IrisV3-Interval database (249 contributors, 396 different eyes, 2,639 iris images). Results show that our algorithm works specially well in detecting the specular reflections (98.98% success rate) and pupil boundary detection is correctly done in 84.24% of the images.