Publications:Multifont size-resilient recognition system for Ethiopic script


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Title Multifont size-resilient recognition system for Ethiopic script
Author Yaregal Assabie and Josef Bigun
Year 2007
PublicationType Journal Paper
Journal International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition
Diva url
Abstract This paper presents a novel framework for recognition of Ethiopic characters using structural and syntactic techniques. Graphically complex characters are represented by the spatial relationships of less complex primitives which form a unique set of patterns for each character. The spatial relationship is represented by a special tree structure which is also used to generate string patterns of primitives. Recognition is then achieved by matching the generated string pattern against each pattern in the alphabet knowledge-base built for this purpose. The recognition system tolerates variations on the parameters of characters like font type, size and style. Direction field tensor is used as a tool to extract structural features.