Publications:Periocular biometrics : Databases, Algorithms and Directions


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Title Periocular biometrics : Databases, Algorithms and Directions
Author Fernando Alonso-Fernandez and Josef Bigun
Year 2016
PublicationType Conference Paper
Conference Swedish Symposium on Image Analysis (SSBA), Uppsala, Sweden, March 14-16, 2016
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Abstract Periocular biometrics has been established as an independent modality due to concerns on the performance of iris or face systems in uncontrolled conditions. Periocular refers to the facial region in the eye vicinity, including eyelids, lashes and eyebrows. It is available over a wide range of acquisition distances, representing a tradeoff between the whole face (which can be occluded at close distances) and the iris texture (which do not have enough resolution at long distances). Since the periocular region appears in face or iris images, it can be used also in conjunction with these modalities. Features extracted from the periocular region have been also used successfully for gender classification and ethnicity classification, and to study the impact of gender transformation or plastic surgery in the recognition performance. This paper presents a review of the state of the art in periocular biometric research, providing an insight of the most relevant issues and giving a thorough coverage of the existing literature. Future research trends are also briefly discussed.