Publications:Quality Factors Affecting Iris Segmentation and Matching


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Title Quality Factors Affecting Iris Segmentation and Matching
Author Fernando Alonso-Fernandez and Josef Bigun
Year 2013
PublicationType Conference Paper
HostPublication Proceedings – 2013 International Conference on Biometrics, ICB 2013
Conference ICB-2013, The 6th IAPR International Conference on Biometrics, Madrid, Spain, June 4-7, 2013
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Abstract Image degradations can affect the different processing steps of iris recognition systems. With several quality factors proposed for iris images, its specific effect in the segmentation accuracy is often obviated, with most of the efforts focused on its impact in the recognition accuracy. Accordingly, we evaluate the impact of 8 quality measures in the performance of iris segmentation. We use a database acquired with a close-up iris sensor and built-in quality checking process. Despite the latter, we report differences in behavior, with some measures clearly predicting the segmentation performance, while others giving inconclusive results. Recognition experiments with two matchers also show that segmentation and matching performance are not necessarily affected by the same factors. The resilience of one matcher to segmentation inaccuracies also suggest that segmentation errors due to low image quality are not necessarily revealed by the matcher, pointing out the importance of separate evaluation of the segmentation accuracy. © 2013 IEEE.