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Title Quality Measures in Biometric Systems
Author Fernando Alonso-Fernandez and Julian Fierrez and Josef Bigun
Year 2015
PublicationType Book Chapter
HostPublication Encyclopedia of Biometrics
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Abstract This is an excerpt from the contentSynonymsQuality assessment; Biometric quality; Quality-based processingDefinitionSince the establishment of biometrics as a specific research area in the late 1990s, the biometric community has focused its efforts in the development of accurate recognition algorithms (1). Nowadays, biometric recognition is a mature technology that is used in many applications, offering greater security and convenience than traditional methods of personal recognition (2).During the past few years, biometric quality measurement has become an important concern after a number of studies and technology benchmarks that demonstrate how performance of biometric systems is heavily affected by the quality of biometric signals (3). This operationally important step has been nevertheless under-researched compared to the primary feature extraction and pattern recognition tasks (4). One of the main challenges facing biometric technologies is performance degradation in less controlled situations, and the problem of biometric quality measurement has arisen even stronger with the proliferation of portable handheld devices, with at-a-distance and on-the-move acquisition capabilities. These will require robust algorithms capable of handling a range of changing characteristics (2). Another important example is forensics, in which intrinsic operational factors further degrade recognition performance.There are number of factors that can affect the quality of biometric signals, and there are numerous roles of a quality measure in the context of biometric systems. This section summarizes the state of the art in the biometric quality problem, giving an overall framework of the different challenges involved.