Publications:Synthesis and detection of log-spiral codes


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Title Synthesis and detection of log-spiral codes
Author Stefan Karlsson and Josef Bigun
Year 2011
PublicationType Conference Paper
Conference SSBA Symposium i bildanalys, 17-18 mars 2011, Linköping
Diva url
Abstract Simultaneous positioning and identifying objects accurately and reliably is a fundamental problem in computer vision. General solutions to this problem is still challenging. For certain applications to achieve high accuracy and reliability in both tasks can be achieved if the objects can be labeled, e.g. multiple simultaneous robot tracking and navigation. We suggest a labeling technique using spiral patterns for optimal position estimation and identity recognition using the generalized structure tensor and tresholds. The technique adapts the synthesis of the labels to the frequency characteristics of the detection method. The approach has been implemented and tested by an over-head camera to track and control 8 robots in real-time.