Time series anomaly detection for heavy-duty vehicles

Title Time series anomaly detection for heavy-duty vehicles
Summary Detecting anomalies in multivariate time series data collected from vehicle operations
TimeFrame Fall 2023
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Supervisor Yuantao Fan, Hamid Sarmadi
Status Open

This project will explore and develop algorithms to detect anomalies in multi-variate time series data, collected from heavy-duty vehicles. The idea is to identify different operating modes using stream clustering algorithms and discover anomalies in each cluster, i.e. combing DenStream and Consensus self-organizing models methods (COSMO) for anomaly detection. The goal is to discover anomalous events in advance to enhance vehicle operation safety. The project includes: i) proposing a streaming anomaly detection framework; ii) finding suitable data representations that can capture key characteristics in vehicle operation; and iii) evaluating the proposed approach on a real-world dataset. This work is a collaboration with industry.