Publications:Capacity analysis of reservation-based random access for broadband wireless access networks

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Title Capacity analysis of reservation-based random access for broadband wireless access networks
Author Alexey Vinel and Qiang Ni and Dirk Staehle and Andrey Turlikov
Year 2009
PublicationType Journal Paper
Journal IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications
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Abstract In this paper we propose a novel model for the capacity analysis on the reservation-based random multiple access system, which can be applied to the medium access control protocol of the emerging WiMAX technology. In such a wireless broadband access system, in order to support QoS, the channel time is divided into consecutive frames, where each frame consists of some consequent mini-slots for the transmission of requests, used for the bandwidth reservation, and consequent slots for the actual data packet transmission. Three main outcomes are obtained: first, the upper and lower bounds of the capacity are derived for the considered system. Second, we found through the mathematical analysis that the transmission rate of reservationbased multiple access protocol is maximized, when the ratio between the number of mini-slots and that of the slots per frame is equal to the reciprocal of the random multiple access algorithm's transmission rate. Third, in the case of WiMAX networks with a large number of subscribers, our analysis takes into account both the capacity and the mean packet delay criteria and suggests to keep such a ratio constant and independent of application-level data traffic arrival rate. © 2006 IEEE.